Your first treatment

What to expect at your first treatment

On arrival I will get you to fill out your contact details
I will then take a short medical history to confirm that massage is safe and the right option for you.

We will then discuss any problems you would like me to assist you with.

Then I will leave you to get undressed down to your underwear so that I will have access to the areas that require treatment.

I will then return and help you on to the massage table and commence treatment.

At various times during the treatment I may retest areas I have been working on to see if the treatment has been effective.

 This may mean you may need to stand up or move into a different position.

At all times I will ensure your modesty is maintained.

At the end of the treatment I will help you get up if needed. Then I will leave you to get dressed.

I will then give you some recommendations about exercises you can do at home that
 help to
 reduce the symptoms of your complaint.

We can then discuss if further treatments are required.

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